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Getting Education Done is a non-profit organization based in San Diego that provides personalized teaching and mentoring services to support individuals of all ages in their educational completion, vocational training,

and job success. 

We offer individuals the tools they need to obtain their GED or HI-SET, apply for community college and scholarships, access vocational education and adult education, and prepare for success in the job market.

Since 2007, we have collaborated with a wide range of partners to provide our services to members of our community.

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We work with each individual to come up with a personalized plan to fit his or her needs. We support individuals in achieving their goals without going into debt. 

All of our services are free of charge and based on research.


Individual instruction or small group classes focused on reading, writing, or math competencies.


One-on-one supportive relationship where the mentor provides guidance to the mentee regarding educational, personal, and professional goals.


Personalized classes to prepare students for the exams. *Se puede presentar el examen Hi-Set en español 


Assistance in applying for community college, adult education, financial aid, and scholarships. 


Support in accessing vocational and job training programs.

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"When I first met Margo from Getting Education Done, I wanted to get my GED but I hadn't been to school in many years. Margo started mentoring me and helping me in math and other subjects. When I felt ready, I took the test and passed on the first try. I was so happy and it gave me confidence that I can go on and succeed in other things".



open up opportunities

A person who graduates high school earns on average $10,000 more per year than someone who drops out. Continuing education and job training can help you earn even more. 

Earn More

Continuing education and vocational training open up new professional opportunities.

Get a better job

A high school degree, continuing education and job training all make it easier to find a job.

Better chances of employment

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Margo Alon, Founder and Director

Passionate about supporting students of all ages, Margo has worked for the last 25 years as a teacher and counselor with at-risk youth and adults in various high schools and adult schools. 

She holds a BA in Sociology, a Teaching Credential in Social Studies with CLAD (diversity), a PPS Counseling Credential, and a Master’s Degree in Education Counseling. She is a reading specialist and possesses a wide range of training in meditation, support groups, anger management, peer mediation, drug and alcohol coaching, and teacher curriculum.

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Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, offers federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school. 

211 San Diego

An online database of nearly 3,000 services. 


A system of learning while earning, and “learning by doing”, which combines on-job training with related and supplemental instruction at school.

Board of Governors Fee Waiver

Free schooling at Community Colleges in California.

California Community Colleges 

Over 2 million students attend 115 community colleges.

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